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Pro Gym at the moment is the biggest health and the fitness link Mozambique, with more than 500 members. Since the opening of the first gym Pro Gym (Super Mares, Maputo) in 2013 Pro Gym has offering a high quality at the lowest price service. There 3 Gyms are: Pro Gym Super Mares (Costa do Sol) , Peo Gym matola (Parque do Poetas ,Matola) , Pro Gym Alto Mae (Alto Mae, Maputo).

Because Pro Gym Mozambique enjoy reputation in health center, In order to reflect the Pro Gym's  friendly environment and comfortable . They decisively choose Jialifu HPL locker with the size  H1800*D400*W1200mm in blue and orange color for their client  to  reserve valuable and others.The excellent  durable property and fresh style of Jialifu HPL lockers match their decoration perfectly.