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AL JASRA, is a coastal Village situated on the western coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is situated in the Northern Governorate administrative region of the country and in the vicinity of the King Fahs Causeway. The village is notable for being the site of a historic house called Bait Al-Jasra (English: Al Jasra house) as well as its handicrafting history.

It's a environmental friendly service building that focusing on green and cyclic utilization. Crafts traditionally produced by the village included woodworks, basket, weaving, sadow making, pottery making, cloth weaving and texile weaving.  This enviroment friendly spirit coincides with Jialifu's brand cultur. So when Jialifu team design the HPL locker, also consider this factor at the same time. To offer HPL locker in light grey color with accessroies key lock. Architectural decoration whole is contracteand lively and do not break elegance sedate, build give a comfortable life to enjoy .