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VALET&CO SARL is supplying car lovers the products they need and want to look after their cars. they are specialists in PH neutral formulations and by using our knowledge and experience they have developed safe and efficent cleaning products. This means that delicate surfaces like chrome, polish aluminium or maganesium wheels can be effectively cleaned without fear of corroding the surface metal. They aim at Valet & CO SARL is to make great detailing products customers want, thus creating customer loyalty and repeat business for our retailers.

Considering VALET&CO SARL 's goal, they pursue high-end customized experience and innovative spirit, coincides with Jialifu's brand culture. Our designer choose antique white and Jialifu # 8003 green to match their high class. It's including 1545 lockers. In addition color, it's customized size in W1200*D400*H1860mm (including 60mm high leg). Jialifu hpl locker are adopted by customers due to high quality of the panels which strong resistant to water, impact, scratches and stain. Also Jialifu rich color and flexible modern design can secure your life.