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      Prestige Storage is a company with years of experience in removals and storage. and everyone in there understand the stress and frustrations that moving, relocating, needing more space. Preatige Storage offers a multitude of options for people who are moving, need somewhere to store things , or want to hepl packing. It's not only provide secure, but also convenient. It's including 3 aspects : Storage Services, Packing and Materials, Removals.



     The project uses Jialifu #1020 blue color and #1169 yellow color with stainless steel hinge, angle bracket, L-6 series cam lock, the material is 12mm compact laminate panel, and customized H600*W3600*D400mm. To change the traditional appearance, using innovation high pressure compact HPL panel. This general appearance, wonderful visual, make you feel comfortable. Beside, we are thank you for Carlos Piad's patient with us and gave us full trust. sincerely thanks again. Your full trust is our impetus !