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The FITNESS PLAYGROUND is a public palce,  where there are many people exerise. And it's mission is to turn people's gym into a playground with fresh, fun and innovative classes, equipment and design. With the purpose to provide a more comfortable room for those members.

Justin Ashley, in charge of this project, looked for gym locker wholesale in China. Then she found JIALIFU, because we JIALIFU made a similar project as well as THE FITNESS PLAYGROUND, named I-FITNESS. Justin believed our professional attitude for such successfully related experience.

In the program of FITNESS PLAYGROUND, Jialifu made local investigate. Through this investigate, we have got a lot of harvest. Then to design the HPL gym lockers with the customized size by (W)1200*(D)550*(H)2100mm (including 100mm leg). Use black and white color to decorate. Elaborated design, combining with exquisite construction, obtain the consistent recognition and praise.  

Our designer suggested that it would be convinient to combine lockers with bench, whose size is (H)400*(W)400*(L)1800mm. 

(Gym Locker Dimensions)

(Carefully Installation)