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      Duja Tower In UAE

Prominently located along the prestigious Shiekh Zayed Road in the heart of the Dubai business district, Duja Tower will be a proud new addition to the increasingly dramatic built skyline. Optimally located opposite Emirates Towers and the Dubai’s convention centre, the 51-storey tower will be a mixed-use tower of retail, high-quality office space and apartments totaling 110,380 sqm of floor area.

Z shape lockers.png

Mr. Chandra from Duja Tower have found a special locker for a long time and he was always not satisfied with various kind of lockers in the market. Finally, he met us Jialifu. Our customized lockers were totally designed for him. According to Mr. Chandra’s need, we Jialifu offered 20 Z shape lockers which is composed by two similar panel whose lower edge and the top edge are fitted in with each other to form a “Z”. And inside the construction is followed with the edge of the door. Due to the special shape, this kind of locker is fashionable and original with a broad application. It can either place the long but small things like the golf clubs, umbrellas and cue sticks or you can place the small objects like a purse, a notebook, a cup, a hat and so on.

Don't worry the door can't hold the entire shape after using for long time because the locker is made of solid compact laminate which is of high density and excellent quality in impact and vandalism resistance. The moisture and bacteria retardant of the panel guarantee the locker from worms and dirt.

When Chandra saw the installation of the locker, they felt satisfied and wanted to coorperate with us next time. Jialifu will keep moving forward to improve the products to meet your needs.

Project overview:     



12mm thick Compact laminate panel




Antique white and green


304 stainless steel hardware