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     Asker Treningssenter is renowned as the best gym

in Asker, Norway.  In 2010, when SATS withdrew from 

Asker, formed trio Asker Center. 

Asker Treningssenter want to be an inclusive center in

the community. Asker Center has therefore also a 

good deal for seniors. They want to provide customers with

comprehensive services through both mental and physical

exercise. Anyone who wants more monitoring and 

supervision in exercise, diet and lifestyle to get a good

deal here with them.

During this facility refurbishment project, our experienced                                 

design team worked with the contractor for hours and 

hours, to figure out the best solution that fit throughout

the gym. To offer the hpl locker size in W300*D400*H1800mm

which not only durable enough but also safe. In addition to

match Asker Treningssenter's style , jialifu choose wood grain

to make you feel warm and comfortable.

It's our honoured to won the thumb up from the customer.