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Be aware of the choice on subway fireproof locker

Following with the development of the science and technology, the transportation industry is also making advancement in a fast speed. Playing an indispensable role in the transportation industry, subway has made a big progress as well. More and more people will more likely to go out or go to work by subway. We all know that a place where there are a number of people will be with more worries and hidden troubles such as the fire, steal, vandalism or other events.

Taking the fireproof locker in subway for example. Making a right option of the locker which is applied in subway or any public place can effectively increase the rate of safety Index. The locker provides quite a lot convenience for us in public place and it can protect our properties from loss or being stolen. Therefore, the safety and fireproof must be taken into prior consideration. When we come here, how to purchase the material of the locker for fireproof and safety?

According to the manager of JIALIFU suggests, to make the fireproof locker in the subway with better quality during application, the material must be thought highly and it must be the foremost factor. Then, which material can be the best consideration? Some professional businessmen and clients admit that the best material undoubtedly belongs to the compact laminate. But why?

The first feature is because of the better performance in fire resistance.

Since it is called fireproof locker of subway, if it can’t meet the requirement then it firstly doesn’t coincide with the installation demand. Secondly, the fire is a potential hazard often paid a high attention in our daily for its high frequency occurrence. Thus, to improve the fire resistance of the compact laminate is a good way of improving the performance of the locker.

The next feature is its higher strength compared with other panels.

The subway is a place with a stream of people and the products are usually in high frequency application. If the locker fails to cater to the excellent strength, once it experiences with the external impact, it will cause the inestimable loss and damage to people and the locker.

In a word, be care and cautious of the panel when buying the to increase the service life and quality.