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According to the survey suggested, lockers are all around each family, the lockers in medium price are most popular with people, but the high end lockers still account for certain market. With the advance of life and the demand of the downstream market, lockers seems to have a promising future. Meanwhile, it also means that the competition will be more fierce. To attract the attention of customers to their lockers, the manufacturers must to be creative and innovative or make their lockers unique to the other peers.

The modern as well as practical lockers takes first into consideration when people are intended to buy it. The followed with is the classical one and the next one is the traditional.

To make an assortment of the lockers in regions, it can be applied in office, supermarket , school , gym and so on.


The office lockers should be requested to bear with the frequent use and it should be matched with the office style to present the simplicity and profuseness.

The tier and quantity are the most factors when choosing the supermarket locker. Of course, the safety should be the most significant consideration of all kinds of lockers.


The school lockers ask for tough enough to prevent the impact and man-made destruction with a long service life as well. The functions of anti-scratched and anti-bacteria so that it is easy to clean are also requested.

It turns to gym lockers, the vital feature we are worried about is whether the lockers could be waterproof or not. Due to the environment of the gym is wet and watery, the lockers must withstand the environment and hard to go mouldy.

The last one is the commercial lockers. This type of lockers should be luxury with premium quality. It is requested to be more safety and personalized than the former mentioned and to be designed in exquisite and special ways.

If you are interested of lockers and do not know how to make a choice. I would here introduce a manufacturer for reference, which is professional on producing many kinds of lockers, whether you want to buy one for office, school, supermarket, gym or in commercial sites, JIALIFU will come to meet your needs. They are made of the solid compact phenolic panel, which are of moisture, smoke, fire and scratch resistance. It has multiple colours and styles available for choice.

Learning more about the lockers will help you purchase the excellent and desired merchandise. I hope this article are beneficial for you.