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Are you looking for Compact laminate? When you are doing so, do you have any idea how does compact laminate perform? are there any Compact Laminate products around you?

Since it is more and more popular nowadays, so let me acquainted you with some characteristics of our compact laminate panels.

Here is a photo of compact laminate panel.

Compact Laminate is constructed with layers of Kraft paper, dipped in resin and dried. These layers are then sandwiched between laminated top and bottom sheets, compressed and baked. A process called polymerisation melds them all together creating a solid-core panel that is an extra tough durable laminate.

This creates a prefinished panel that is strong, self-supporting, water resistant and highly durable, requiring very low maintenance--perfect for a multitude of uses in commercial and public spaces.

Compact Laminate has some unique excellent features, such as waterproof, fireproof, anti-abrasion, easy to clean, durable, impact resistant, and it is widely used in toilet partition, locker, table and bench, wall cladding,etc

Here are some photos of Compact Laminate products