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Our Outdoor Training in Labor Day

To relax ourselves, do some sports and enhance the relationship with each member, Guangdong Yuhua Building Material Co, Ltd made a decision to have an outdoor training in Labor Day for taff. For the reason that the Labor day is an national day, most people and corporations will have a rest in that day, we are one day ahead to get to the destination.

At the first of the training, the coach told us the rules of the event and we were required to follow them or we would be punished during the period. Thanks to the daily working principles and the consciousness by ourselves, we all passed the requirements and got the praise from the coach for our autorhythmicity and the great atmosphere we made.

In this two-day training, we most of the time were doing the games and the whole staff were divided into 3 teams, each team had to compete with the other two teams for victory. The game rules were various from one to one and we were required to listen them quietly and there was a common point of all games , that was they must need to be finished by teamwork of each member in a team.

In the evening during the training, we lived in the local hotel, we didn’t finish the training until 9:30 pm, after that we went back to our room to take a shower and then we stayed together to share the foods and chat with the others, which was a relax time for us to know further of the other teammates.

After the two-day training through the different types of games, we learned that a creative and dynamic team must be a unitive entirety with centripetal force. We also realized the shortages and the strengths of a team include ourselves. We also learned how the encouragements could make a influence on others. Besides, the sense of time throughout the training from begining to end which made us understand the importance of the time.

We believe that our company will get a further growth from the outdoor training and we will preserve, keep and apply the qualities we have learned from the training to our daily work and life!