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JIALIFU, as a renowned leading toilet partitions manufacturer specialized in supplying quality-assurance phenolic toilet

partitions for 16 years, not only takes pursue “Quality First, Credit Uppermost, Customer Supreme” as the principle, but

also take the benefits and happiness of its own employees into full consideration. All kind of staff recreational activities are

held by JIALIFU.

Awesome! Last night was our JIALIFU staff birthday party in December. As so you know, a big fun party is held for

birthday employees every month. Just like all the birthday parties before, we had a wonderful time.

If it is possible, I would love to have you share the joy with us. Anyway, let me present you guys how our birthday party

looked like. At first, the party hosts, which would be a girl and a boy, all dressed up, showed up amid great rejoicing. Then,

the present colleagues would be invited to join a game. Take last night for example, the participated colleagues were divided

into 2 groups, and each of group was surrounded by a loop of balloons. After that, the two groups managed to crush the

balloons of each other, using any part of their bodies but their hands when the hosts said begin. And the winner would be

the group that keep more balloons than the other one. It was so much fun, with all the cheering and clapping, the winning

one enjoyed the massages given by the losing team.

When the game part over, the birthday fellows were invited to present at the stage, receiving the gifts given by our

company, Guangdong Yuhua Building Material Co., Ltd. Normally, they gave a short speech to express their enjoyment

and thankfulness, some thing like that. That‘s quite a touched mood. And then, those colleagues who have been

working at JIALIFU for years, even more, were invited to stand at the stage and accept thanks, which would be a bunch

of flowers and a special gift from the company. It’s sweet, isn’t it?

Of course the birthday party wasn’t over. The following parts were another game of big fun, sharing the birthday cake

and fruits, singing karaoke, drinking beer, anyway, it is all the fun you can imagine. With these fun cute people at

JIALIFU, I felt like we’re not just colleagues, we are actually friends, even more, we are a fun gang, working at our

common home--JIALIFU, a toilet partitions manufacturer who love its clients and employees, care much about

toilet partitions, devoted itself to offer the best possible phenolic toilet partitions, with all that love can give.