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Lock Options
Locker manufacturers Jialifu specializes on the hpl lockers with the exquisite locker locks on cam locks, key locks, digital locks and electronic locks.

Lock Option

Cam lock

With handy structure, graceful shapement and easy operation, the cam lock is quite popular with people and it is widely used in the employee lockers or household. This kind of lock require you to equip the key by yourself, which you can choose your own style key with safety guaranteed.

Key lock

This is the most common lock among a variety of locks and it can be used anywhere, supermarkets, shopping malls, plazas, fitness centers, sports clubs and so on. Jialifu assures that each keyhole is guaranteed to be exclusive and one key just to one lock.

Digital lock

This kind of lock is widely used in some superior occasions like the private lounges, star hotels, office management system, safety boxes, password boxes etc. It is rather safe for usage as the code just be held in your own mind, you don’t have to worry about missing your key but you should keep the password firmly

Electronic lock

As the name implies, it is required to come into work with power, the battery. The key to the electronic lock is an electronic bracelet, it is very easy to operate and is quite durable for use which require you to keep it well and avoid to contact with the water or wet conditions. 

Keys Options for Electronic Lock