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Five Tier Locker
To meet the different meets on the locker designs from our customers. Jialifu also provides the 5 tier lockers. Although the locker becomes small, we promise you the quality.

Jialifu five tier locker, robust and reliable of the outlook and material. We have a number of styles and colors for your reference and we can also provide the free sample for you if you are in demand.

The five tier locker is often used to deposit some small parts which can be valuable such as the necks, keys, wallets and other articles. As the result that the safety must be emphasized on it and the whole construction of the locker must warrant the safety of the usage period. Actually, Jialifu has absorbed in the safe and superior products for 15 years, we committed ourselves to produce the rest assured products for customers and our locker can effectively prevent the properties and locker from damage and larceny.



  • Kick-proof panels are resistant to vandalism

  • Standard size: H1850*D400*W1200mm

  • Flexible design according to requirements

  • Normal color: antique white

  • Easy to install, clean and maintainance

  • Panels: 12mm thick compact laminate panel

  • Vailable in an array of attractive primary colour finishes

  • Fittings: Key lock, digital lock, electrical lock,cam lock, hinge, supporting feet etc

  • Up to 16 years useful life with 5 years warranty

  • Edging process: round and octagonal rim

  • Waterproof panels to prevent mildew and bacteria growth

  • Environment : Dry and Wet

Lock Option

Five-tier Locker Overview

Type Option

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Produt name

Traditional locker

 Jialifu compact laminate locker  

Iron lockers

Wooden lockers 



Easily affected with damp and corrode,mildew.                                       

Excellent waterproof and mouldproof

The color is doll.

Release peculiar smell.

Against fading 

 Easily deformed 


Easy to clean and maintenance


Not fireproof


East to get rust



5 years useful life

7 years useful life

20 years useful life


Here are some information of our locker projects about the changing room lockers.

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The FITNESS PLAYGROUND is a public palce,  which will have many people exerise there. And it's mission is to turn people's gym into a playground with fresh, fun and innovative classes, equipment and design. With the purpose to provide a more comfortable room for those members.

Jialifu has a similar projects as well as The FITNESS PLAYGROUND, named I-FITNESS. also a health centre. In this program, Jialifu was made local investigate, Through this investigate, we have got a lot of harvest. Then to design the HPL locker with customized the size by W1200*D550*H2100mm (including 100mm leg). Using warm #1024 of body and # 1012 of door color to decorate. Elaborated design, combined with exquisite construction obtain the consistent recognition and praise. (for more...)



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